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A Life Time of experience

I guess it all started in my early youth when my mum signed me up to be a Boy Scout. I loved playing with my multi-tool knife and helping cook over the open fire. Back then it was all just a bit of fun with my mates. I’d have never have guessed back then that these fun camping trips would lead to a career in writing about cooking over fire and reviewing outdoor equipment.

I always have to pinch myself when I say using and reviewing the latest BBQ and outdoor gear is my job. As in my spare time I’d be doing activities such as hiking, kayaking, fishing, camping, grilling, etc. So I’d be using and researching the gear even if it wasn’t my job. I feels like I am being paid to follow my hobbies.

Not only do I have a love for the field that I work in, I’ve also gained an Engineering Degree, which is a big help in understanding and explaining the inner workings of many of the more complex tools and gadgets.

Having an Engineering Degree, and a lifetime of experience using and reviewing BBQ and outdoor equipment makes me an excellent judge on the latest gadgets and gear.

Life Time of experience
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Throughout you’ll see that I have linked to 100’s of articles I have written in the BBQ and outdoor gear space. You’ll see unique pictures of the gear I own, meaning you’ll be getting “hands on reviews”, and you’ll also see video reviews I have produced. All this should show you I’m an expert in the field I work in.

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